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Is an Epidemic

Is Never Okay

Is happening at your child's school, yes it is...

Requires adult intervention

Bullying comes in many shapes and sizes. There is the proverbial mean kid at school who mistreats others, and he is easy to identify. Then there is the more common and subtle form of bullying which comes in the disguise of playing and joking. When playing turns into teasing or targeting an individual it has become a form of bullying. If one child is creating humor and causing others to laugh at the expense of another, it is a form of bullying. If everyone else is laughing except for the individual who is at the blunt end of the joke, it is a form of bullying. Unfortunately this does not just happen with children on the playground. It also happens with teachers targeting a student, workers in the workplace and more...

So how should one respond to this form of mild bullying. Here are 3 - steps to remember.

           1. Tell the individual what they are doing

2. Tell them how it makes you feel

         3. Tell them what you want them to do

Example:    "When you talk to me like that, I feel like you are disrespecting me. I would like you to stop."

If this is not enough to curb the situation, the next step is to walk away and tell someone in charge. Bullies will only continue bullying if they are able to get away with it. Consequences are a good thing when people refuse to act within the appropriate realm of respectful behavior.

Parents: if you notice changes in your child's normal behavior patterns, pay attention.

Some of the signs that a child is being bullied are: Withdraw, Not wanting to go to school, loss of appetite, falling grades, more frequent sickness, and depression. Many children do not know how to relay that they are being bullied and often end up drowning in a situation they do not know how to handle. If you suspect that your child is being bullied in any way, immediately intervene. Our children need us as their advocates especially when they are dealing with something of the magnitude of bullying. No one should have to be bullied, and no one should have to face it alone. Be involved.

We offer free help for children who are being victimized by a bully.

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