Women's Self Defense

*Our March WSD Class is full. Please call to sign up for our April Course: 4/25 (6:30-7:45) and 4/26 (5:00 - 6:30)  $30 includes both nights

Our Women's Self Defense Class is for girls age 13 & up. We teach practical self defense moves designed to work against a larger more aggressive opponent. The unfortunate truth, statistically, is that a woman's attacker is most likely to be a male perpetrator who outweighs and outpowers her. Consider this with the effects of adrenaline on the body during a stressful encounter and you have a unique situation that requires specialized training.

Our Class focuses on these issues.

We teach easy to remember moves designed to work effectively under these conditions. We take special consideration to insure newcomers are comfortable and safe as they learn the skills which are sure to empower.

This is a great class for Mother & Daughter.

We also schedule private groups of 10 or more.

Church group, Co-workers etc...

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