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Martial Arts have a reputation for being spiritual in nature. At Sandpoint Martial Arts Center, we want you to know where we stand right up front. We do not subscribe to Eastern mysticisms associated with some Martial Arts. We do not try to spiritualize a push-up or bow down to a statue before class. We will not sound a gong or refer to chi. In class, we use strength, balance and basic principles of physics for leverage, not chi. We work hard and encourage each student to achieve their absolute best. We understand that life is not easy, and learning to work hard toward our goals is a golden skill that everyone needs to develop. We stay up to date with what is practical and realistic regarding self defense for children, teens and adults. We will do our best to keep classes exciting, challenging and educational. On the subject of spirituality, we are Christians. We will not push our faith on you, but we are glad to share it. If you have any questions, just ask.